I wander through the streets, I seem to know what I am searching for…
Every step that I take becomes a question ‘will I emerge gratified at the end of the lane?’
Or Did I just jump into a wrong choice and ‘will I endure the storm and bear the pain?’
I wonder If I am lost in translation and searching for petty things…
As I possess the find and the search is done, the cry from within the heart says ‘thirsty for more’.
The thirst will never be quenched until I set my gaze towards the heart and its core…
And then I realize the ‘call for search’ was from the place where I had to look back into – the heart of hearts..
The quest was always for ‘love’ – the strongest impulse of life. Love is the strong undercurrent of the flow of life.
Once we experience love – all turbulence subside and we will know that ‘being found’ is to realize we were never lost at first place.


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Top way of living: “Relinquish and Relish”

Very Happy New Year to All!!
Lets introspect carefully on set of things that we can relinquish in order to relish the grandness of life.

“Relinquish and Relish”. Even language and meaning couldn’t help but reveal the deepest essence of being human. Perhaps that is why the letters in the word ‘Relish’ maps precisely in order onto the word ‘Relinquish’. ‘Relish’ is simply a subset of ‘Relinquish’. As if language personified is talking to us and slapping us right across the face saying “Relinquish that which is futile and Relish the fruits of your non-action”.
Relinquish simply means to live backwards in time and be able to foresee all the actions that does not yield results OR identify those actions which are desperately repetitive and compulsive. Relinquish means to simply give up such actions.

Relinquish the loads of dirt, fear, compulsive desires & sense of identification that has been instilled in you. Relish the innocence of the child ‘back again’. Relinquish is not “running away” but “running towards” your true self which has no identification/localization.
Lets end the mechanical lives that is draining our enthusiasm & blinding us from experiencing the magnificence of life.
Lets give up the idea of ‘Expecting’ that everything we have taken for granted in our daily lives will keep going smooth & will generate the result as always. Expectation is the root cause for lack of life in us, only when something goes wrong – do we pay attention to the entire process that we have taken for granted. We wait for an event ‘Out Of Expectation’ to jolt us back into life.
Nothing around us is lifeless or mechanical, it is only we who have become lifeless and that is precisely what is being reflected in the mirrors of our everyday experiences.

If immaturity is of innocence and maturity is of foolishness. We would rather be immature than to be matured fools.
Lets bring back the child in us, soak in the moonlight & gaze at stars..
Welcome the warmth of the sun and chat with nature..
Lets become vibrantly alive and add more life into all that we do..

Happy Transformation and a Happy 2013.

Some vital points to take away:
1. ‘Now’ is timeless. Relinquish sense of time & pondering over the past and future. Relish the NOW, power of your own being. Be present in the present. Simply BE.

2. There are only 2 such things that can NEVER be destroyed: That which is ALWAYS there & That which is NEVER there.
Relinquish that which is NEVER there and appears to be (matter). Relish that which is ALWAYS there (consciousness/energy) & has no beginning or end. So the 2 things that can never be destroyed are Energy and Matter, matter because it is fundamentally energy.

3. To experience the bird’s eye view, first create INTENT to fly and relinquish the idea of attachment with the ‘ground of your comfort’.. You will then realize and relish the fact that you have always been on flight & just a shift in perception was required.


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Supernova of Love

Hi All! Belated thanksgiving wishes to everyONE. On the occasion of thanksgiving, lets explore the true splendor, magnificence of love and gratitude.

Love can be defined in many ways but it is also that which can’t be defined and quantized. Love happens in ways beyond our understanding signifying it is ‘all pervasive’.                       1. Love is simply a process of removal of all impurities leaving only what is true and real. That is why Love has always been regarded as the purest emotion of all.   2. Love is the most profound experience ONE can ever have, it is an expression of unconditional inclusiveness and acceptance.                                                                          3. Love is also growing beyond the limitations of your bodily sensation. Love is to perpetuate your awareness into all that there is and feel all as self and self as all.

Purest form of love is “Consciousness becoming conscious of itself through you”. Lets break this down further to help you experience consciousness in its exuberance:
1. It is only with love, consciousness vibrates and acquires form.
2. It is only with love, Thousands of forms are proliferating and building platform for evolving consciousness.
3. As consciousness evolves, forms evolve. Here we are ‘creatures of life’ calling ourselves human without experiencing the pinnacle of ‘evolution of consciousness’.
4. As you read please pay attention to the ‘reader’ in you. Become conscious of the core of your ‘being’ and what follows is ‘presence’ which is destruction of the limited self and explosion into the ocean of infinite possibilities.
5. Through form, through you when consciousness blossoms – the regained consciousness is exponentially higher in magnitude than the state of consciousness at the point in time (or out of time) when it was lost and dissipated.
6. Albert Einstein quoted “No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.”
Intelligence that created birth from life is NOT enough to elegantly follow awareness/life through death. That intelligence is evolving NOW through us.

Gratitude is the product of ‘living love’. Gratitude marks the birth of Devotion. Devotion is the sweetest way to be, it is the feeling of ardent love.
Love, Gratitude and Devotion constitutes to the perfect recipe to kindle the spark of pure awareness in the heart of your hearts. This spark gradually becomes a flame, then a raging forest fire. You will then awaken to your true self. The fire then engulfs planets, stars, quasars and whole of existence while still being centered in your own heart. This is the experience of “Supernova of Love” through the focal point of your own consciousness.

“Lets Explore the possibilities of unconditional love and Explode into pure awareness.”


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The Human Magnet

Its been quite sometime I shared my experiences of heightened consciousness, this time I will be writing about the feminine and masculine characteristics of existence.

Always Remember ‘NOTHING HAS ANY MEANING EXCEPT FOR THE MEANING YOU ASSIGN IT’. In fact the power of this very sentence can be nothing or everything again based on what you choose. This is how we have
fallen in the loop of “choice making-memory creating-desire manufacturing” unconscious and compulsive mechanism.

Let us first remove all our labels & ideas related to ‘feminine’ and ‘masculine’. Lets imagine these characteristics as more of ‘tendencies’ rather than deducting them down to genders. Let us rechristen these words from the light of our own being which is absolute and not relative.
Feminine is Space-time and the infinite womb of creation, always accomodating and allowing conception.
Masculine is the ultimate observing/creating tendency that of inception/induction of life into the infinite womb of space-time.

When both the feminine and the masculine tendencies merge – creation is the outcome. In eastern tradition it is denoted by the ‘Linga-yoni’ symbol, an ellipsoid or ‘linga’ protruding from & penetrating through ‘yoni’ the feminine space. These tendencies of existence as whole is reflected in everything around us AND in us as well. Unfortunately in the mediocre minds of the modern day humanity the merging of these two tendencies is considered as a simple gratification process due to unconscious and compulsive lifestyle.

Quantum world of physics: At the quantum level, existence is simply a wave or energy potential of infinite possibilities. Only an observer creates ‘particle’ experience out of these possibility waves. If not for an intelligent glance by an ultimate observer and the potential of the observed, existence could not have happened. This wave-particle or energy-matter duality is again the feminine-masculine duality. The merger of these 2 tendencies can elevate our vision to the ultimate possibility and help perceive existence as whole through the third eye of our intuition and presence.
Such a state of presence will mark the emergence of “The Human Magnet” in us – attracting everything that is necessary to evolve in the direction of ascending to pure consciousness through cosmic time, back into the timeless.

Key points to take away:
1. Before making any choice – whisper gently within yourself that the ‘choice maker’ is present within every choice you make. If you are in tune with the ‘choice maker’ you will assimilate the absolute reality that all choices are indeed one. No matter whichever way you walk, you can concurrently rejoice the destination.

2. Happiness and sadness are not different. Illusion of time separates these two experiences. You would have realized by now, sadness experienced long time back would have unfurled happiness of much higher magnitude as against not experiencing sadness at that point in time. Similarly happiness is
mostly sadness in disguise. These experiences are always relative.

3. All types of ‘longing’ is an intense experience, ONLY a reflection of your ULTIMATE ‘longing’ after separation from the womb of your mother. ‘Longing’ can’t be experienced unless there are (at least) 2 separate entities hence the ‘point of singularity’ and ‘the big bang’. The thirst for the ultimate longing is quenched the moment you realize you are never separate. No wonder why ONEness evokes the deepest emotions in everyONE.

Feminine and Masculine tendencies are therefore simply the ‘remote dance’ stepping back towards the tunes of the ultimate MAGNET of ONEness.


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Riding back from the dreams


  1. If you are multi-tasking to read this blog, you will not benefit from the message of the blog.
  2. Now that you have stopped all other work, try and unwind by maintaining a relaxed breathing pattern.
  3. At the breaks provided in the form of ~ please pause and feel the presence within yourself and you will create a gap in your mental dance.
  4. As you read the blog, be with the blog and it can take you a very long way. Happy Consciousness!


Tossing and turning on the bed – gently I fall asleep,

Clueless of the mental movies that are to play yet hoping for the quantum leap..

The day residue of desires is scheduled for execution during sleep for gratification,

As I question If ’I am’ dreaming, my awareness shoots up to ultimate satisfaction..


The petty creation of my mind is completing the unfulfilled desires in the dreamscape,

Every pixel of my experience becomes even more exciting as I get lucid and I dont want to escape..

No delay whatsoever between my thought of ‘matter to be’ and it ‘becoming’,

I create and perceive my world simultaneously and in the process obscure ‘creating’..


As I point my finger to a vibrantly ‘blue’ tree and realize it doesn’t really exist,

‘The mirage’ of dreams become apparent as I ride back the awareness with what ‘I’ should consist..

Waking back in the physical reality – the world doesn’t look the same anymore,

With the new ‘I’ of magnificent awareness ‘I’ can see through the universe and its core…


Consciousness is both the source and expression of life..

Consciousness is both the seeker and the sought after..

Rise beyond your rigid identifications and you will realize

Every ‘experience’ of yours is not yours but ours.


Happy Consciousness!!!

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De-tours are as important as the journey itself


  1. If you are multi-tasking to read this blog, you will not benefit from the message of the blog.
  2. Now that you have stopped all other work, try and unwind by maintaining a relaxed breathing pattern.
  3. As you read the blog, be with the blog and it can take you a very long way. Happy Consciousness!

Exploration happens with acceptance while resistance is the result of attachment,

A journey can begin and end but the explorer in us will never stop.

The yearning is to explore, where are we rushing?

Everything is right here in the now, pause and relish for no one is pushing.

Tread the path with total awareness

Love the path and vanquish carelessness

Will we then realize the blockade on the path is also the path,

never to succumb to unconsciousness and its wrath.

Deviation from the path adds the vital step to our pattern of observation,

only to enrich our ultimate view of the planned destination..

Will we then realize the blockade on the path is also the path,

never to succumb to unconsciousness and its wrath.

The mythical overlay is so enormous that the truth is buried deep under,

Unleash the explorer and unearth the truth, only the illusory self shall surrender..

The source of life and all the forms are one and the same,

Will we then realize there is no difference between the player and the game.

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