Riding back from the dreams


  1. If you are multi-tasking to read this blog, you will not benefit from the message of the blog.
  2. Now that you have stopped all other work, try and unwind by maintaining a relaxed breathing pattern.
  3. At the breaks provided in the form of ~ please pause and feel the presence within yourself and you will create a gap in your mental dance.
  4. As you read the blog, be with the blog and it can take you a very long way. Happy Consciousness!


Tossing and turning on the bed – gently I fall asleep,

Clueless of the mental movies that are to play yet hoping for the quantum leap..

The day residue of desires is scheduled for execution during sleep for gratification,

As I question If ’I am’ dreaming, my awareness shoots up to ultimate satisfaction..


The petty creation of my mind is completing the unfulfilled desires in the dreamscape,

Every pixel of my experience becomes even more exciting as I get lucid and I dont want to escape..

No delay whatsoever between my thought of ‘matter to be’ and it ‘becoming’,

I create and perceive my world simultaneously and in the process obscure ‘creating’..


As I point my finger to a vibrantly ‘blue’ tree and realize it doesn’t really exist,

‘The mirage’ of dreams become apparent as I ride back the awareness with what ‘I’ should consist..

Waking back in the physical reality – the world doesn’t look the same anymore,

With the new ‘I’ of magnificent awareness ‘I’ can see through the universe and its core…


Consciousness is both the source and expression of life..

Consciousness is both the seeker and the sought after..

Rise beyond your rigid identifications and you will realize

Every ‘experience’ of yours is not yours but ours.


Happy Consciousness!!!

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1 Response to Riding back from the dreams

  1. Damini says:

    Nice topic….Awesome write up……You have expressed your feelings, which in turn is a reality. Keep it up!!!!!!

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