The Human Magnet

Its been quite sometime I shared my experiences of heightened consciousness, this time I will be writing about the feminine and masculine characteristics of existence.

Always Remember ‘NOTHING HAS ANY MEANING EXCEPT FOR THE MEANING YOU ASSIGN IT’. In fact the power of this very sentence can be nothing or everything again based on what you choose. This is how we have
fallen in the loop of “choice making-memory creating-desire manufacturing” unconscious and compulsive mechanism.

Let us first remove all our labels & ideas related to ‘feminine’ and ‘masculine’. Lets imagine these characteristics as more of ‘tendencies’ rather than deducting them down to genders. Let us rechristen these words from the light of our own being which is absolute and not relative.
Feminine is Space-time and the infinite womb of creation, always accomodating and allowing conception.
Masculine is the ultimate observing/creating tendency that of inception/induction of life into the infinite womb of space-time.

When both the feminine and the masculine tendencies merge – creation is the outcome. In eastern tradition it is denoted by the ‘Linga-yoni’ symbol, an ellipsoid or ‘linga’ protruding from & penetrating through ‘yoni’ the feminine space. These tendencies of existence as whole is reflected in everything around us AND in us as well. Unfortunately in the mediocre minds of the modern day humanity the merging of these two tendencies is considered as a simple gratification process due to unconscious and compulsive lifestyle.

Quantum world of physics: At the quantum level, existence is simply a wave or energy potential of infinite possibilities. Only an observer creates ‘particle’ experience out of these possibility waves. If not for an intelligent glance by an ultimate observer and the potential of the observed, existence could not have happened. This wave-particle or energy-matter duality is again the feminine-masculine duality. The merger of these 2 tendencies can elevate our vision to the ultimate possibility and help perceive existence as whole through the third eye of our intuition and presence.
Such a state of presence will mark the emergence of “The Human Magnet” in us – attracting everything that is necessary to evolve in the direction of ascending to pure consciousness through cosmic time, back into the timeless.

Key points to take away:
1. Before making any choice – whisper gently within yourself that the ‘choice maker’ is present within every choice you make. If you are in tune with the ‘choice maker’ you will assimilate the absolute reality that all choices are indeed one. No matter whichever way you walk, you can concurrently rejoice the destination.

2. Happiness and sadness are not different. Illusion of time separates these two experiences. You would have realized by now, sadness experienced long time back would have unfurled happiness of much higher magnitude as against not experiencing sadness at that point in time. Similarly happiness is
mostly sadness in disguise. These experiences are always relative.

3. All types of ‘longing’ is an intense experience, ONLY a reflection of your ULTIMATE ‘longing’ after separation from the womb of your mother. ‘Longing’ can’t be experienced unless there are (at least) 2 separate entities hence the ‘point of singularity’ and ‘the big bang’. The thirst for the ultimate longing is quenched the moment you realize you are never separate. No wonder why ONEness evokes the deepest emotions in everyONE.

Feminine and Masculine tendencies are therefore simply the ‘remote dance’ stepping back towards the tunes of the ultimate MAGNET of ONEness.


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5 Responses to The Human Magnet

  1. Anju says:

    Wonderful write up.. You hav penned your thoughts so well and Very much touched by “No wonder why ONEness evokes the deepest emotions in everyONE”

    Well done!!! Looking for more from you..
    Proud to be a part of your journey.

  2. Very nice perspective and well written. We are interconnected and dance to the same beat.

  3. Damini says:

    Interesting and very informative. You are an inspiration to lot of people. Happy to be part of your journey. Looking forward to the next write up…

    • Thanks for sharing your thoughts, as you read you pay attention to the reader in you and as I write I switch awareness to the writer. So reading/writing the blog also can be made a ‘timeless’ experience.:)

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