Supernova of Love

Hi All! Belated thanksgiving wishes to everyONE. On the occasion of thanksgiving, lets explore the true splendor, magnificence of love and gratitude.

Love can be defined in many ways but it is also that which can’t be defined and quantized. Love happens in ways beyond our understanding signifying it is ‘all pervasive’.                       1. Love is simply a process of removal of all impurities leaving only what is true and real. That is why Love has always been regarded as the purest emotion of all.   2. Love is the most profound experience ONE can ever have, it is an expression of unconditional inclusiveness and acceptance.                                                                          3. Love is also growing beyond the limitations of your bodily sensation. Love is to perpetuate your awareness into all that there is and feel all as self and self as all.

Purest form of love is “Consciousness becoming conscious of itself through you”. Lets break this down further to help you experience consciousness in its exuberance:
1. It is only with love, consciousness vibrates and acquires form.
2. It is only with love, Thousands of forms are proliferating and building platform for evolving consciousness.
3. As consciousness evolves, forms evolve. Here we are ‘creatures of life’ calling ourselves human without experiencing the pinnacle of ‘evolution of consciousness’.
4. As you read please pay attention to the ‘reader’ in you. Become conscious of the core of your ‘being’ and what follows is ‘presence’ which is destruction of the limited self and explosion into the ocean of infinite possibilities.
5. Through form, through you when consciousness blossoms – the regained consciousness is exponentially higher in magnitude than the state of consciousness at the point in time (or out of time) when it was lost and dissipated.
6. Albert Einstein quoted “No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.”
Intelligence that created birth from life is NOT enough to elegantly follow awareness/life through death. That intelligence is evolving NOW through us.

Gratitude is the product of ‘living love’. Gratitude marks the birth of Devotion. Devotion is the sweetest way to be, it is the feeling of ardent love.
Love, Gratitude and Devotion constitutes to the perfect recipe to kindle the spark of pure awareness in the heart of your hearts. This spark gradually becomes a flame, then a raging forest fire. You will then awaken to your true self. The fire then engulfs planets, stars, quasars and whole of existence while still being centered in your own heart. This is the experience of “Supernova of Love” through the focal point of your own consciousness.

“Lets Explore the possibilities of unconditional love and Explode into pure awareness.”


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2 Responses to Supernova of Love

  1. Damini says:

    Your selection of topics are very creative, innovative which satisfy all readers with different interests. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and knowledge. ‘LOVE’ four letter word is so powerful and has so much strength and it does wonders to EveryONE. Enjoyed reading it….

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