Top way of living: “Relinquish and Relish”

Very Happy New Year to All!!
Lets introspect carefully on set of things that we can relinquish in order to relish the grandness of life.

“Relinquish and Relish”. Even language and meaning couldn’t help but reveal the deepest essence of being human. Perhaps that is why the letters in the word ‘Relish’ maps precisely in order onto the word ‘Relinquish’. ‘Relish’ is simply a subset of ‘Relinquish’. As if language personified is talking to us and slapping us right across the face saying “Relinquish that which is futile and Relish the fruits of your non-action”.
Relinquish simply means to live backwards in time and be able to foresee all the actions that does not yield results OR identify those actions which are desperately repetitive and compulsive. Relinquish means to simply give up such actions.

Relinquish the loads of dirt, fear, compulsive desires & sense of identification that has been instilled in you. Relish the innocence of the child ‘back again’. Relinquish is not “running away” but “running towards” your true self which has no identification/localization.
Lets end the mechanical lives that is draining our enthusiasm & blinding us from experiencing the magnificence of life.
Lets give up the idea of ‘Expecting’ that everything we have taken for granted in our daily lives will keep going smooth & will generate the result as always. Expectation is the root cause for lack of life in us, only when something goes wrong – do we pay attention to the entire process that we have taken for granted. We wait for an event ‘Out Of Expectation’ to jolt us back into life.
Nothing around us is lifeless or mechanical, it is only we who have become lifeless and that is precisely what is being reflected in the mirrors of our everyday experiences.

If immaturity is of innocence and maturity is of foolishness. We would rather be immature than to be matured fools.
Lets bring back the child in us, soak in the moonlight & gaze at stars..
Welcome the warmth of the sun and chat with nature..
Lets become vibrantly alive and add more life into all that we do..

Happy Transformation and a Happy 2013.

Some vital points to take away:
1. ‘Now’ is timeless. Relinquish sense of time & pondering over the past and future. Relish the NOW, power of your own being. Be present in the present. Simply BE.

2. There are only 2 such things that can NEVER be destroyed: That which is ALWAYS there & That which is NEVER there.
Relinquish that which is NEVER there and appears to be (matter). Relish that which is ALWAYS there (consciousness/energy) & has no beginning or end. So the 2 things that can never be destroyed are Energy and Matter, matter because it is fundamentally energy.

3. To experience the bird’s eye view, first create INTENT to fly and relinquish the idea of attachment with the ‘ground of your comfort’.. You will then realize and relish the fact that you have always been on flight & just a shift in perception was required.


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2 Responses to Top way of living: “Relinquish and Relish”

  1. Damini says:

    I truly Relished this write up as it added Relish to a dull weekend. Interesting comparison of Relinquish vs. Relish, with good detail explanation on both that makes you think and be conscious.

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