I wander through the streets, I seem to know what I am searching for…
Every step that I take becomes a question ‘will I emerge gratified at the end of the lane?’
Or Did I just jump into a wrong choice and ‘will I endure the storm and bear the pain?’
I wonder If I am lost in translation and searching for petty things…
As I possess the find and the search is done, the cry from within the heart says ‘thirsty for more’.
The thirst will never be quenched until I set my gaze towards the heart and its core…
And then I realize the ‘call for search’ was from the place where I had to look back into – the heart of hearts..
The quest was always for ‘love’ – the strongest impulse of life. Love is the strong undercurrent of the flow of life.
Once we experience love – all turbulence subside and we will know that ‘being found’ is to realize we were never lost at first place.


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2 Responses to LOST and FOUND

  1. Anju says:

    Good write up, one among the best you ever written. Keep going.

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